Introducing the Hairy Bikie Series

A collection of 6 eLearning modules which complement Dr Baron Levi’s successful book The Hairy Bikie and other Metacognitive Strategies- Implementing a Frontal Lobe Prosthesis for those whose learning is compromised. Springer, New York, 2020.

The modules contain practical strategies, case studies and video examples for working with young people with compromised learning as a result of a Traumatic Brain Injury, Autism, Learning Difficulty or ADHD and are based on Dr Baron Levi’s unique and innovative strategies which he developed and implemented in schools and the wider community. The strategies address specific issues with a range of young people from pre-schoolers through to young adults and draw on Dr Baron Levi’s expertise as a Teacher, Special Educator, Counsellor and psychologist in the field of Neuropsychology.

The Hairy Bikie Series is aimed at psychologists, rehabilitation Consultants, Speech Pathologists and parents who are working with a young person with compromised learning and address practical issues such as Problem Solving, Individualising Strategies, Assessment, Anger Management, Memory and Essay Writing. Examples include teaching a  young person to control their impulsive behaviours, training a middle primary school student to use a structured and sequenced approach to learning, training a secondary student to become more focused in class and addressing behaviour problems using an externalising approach. Dr Baron Levi explains how his strategies are not one size fits all but can be individualised and adapted to a range of situations and individuals.

The modules are available for purchase through our online courses, see below.

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The Hairy Bikie
7 November 2021

The Story of The Hairy Bikie Series

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